Photography by Park Avenue Studio

Special Moments Require Special Attention.
Park Ave. Studios is the recommended photographer for all the Lessings catering halls, Also Oheka castle, and all of the Lombardi's venues

-We knew this day was coming, so we chose Park Ave Studio

What do you get when you put a crazy bridal party, a fun couple and all of their friends and family together?? A night full of memories! This wedding was in early October at the Smithtown Landing Country Club, one of the many Lessings venues. This wedding was like nothing else. All of the bridesmaids and grooms men wore sneakers, including the bride! I was laughing the whole day while photographing the events. I always have fun being a wedding photographer, but this couple was different. It wasn’t just the bride and groom this time, all of the bridal party and guests were just as much fun. I enjoy my job more when I know I’m capturing a moment that is extra special. I hope the couple lives a long and happy life!

Park Ave Studio


Now this is a Christmas Wedding done to perfection! I’ve heard a lot of people say they are not a fan of Christmas time weddings. I can understand that, however I was blown away by this wedding and now wish I could have one! This Long Island wedding took place at Coindre Hall in Huntington. Coindre Hall is one of the many catering halls owned by the Lessings. The wedding simply amazing. The decor was amazing and was done just right. The bride and groom were so happy the entire day and I was pleased to see the joy that radiated off of them. The couple was so much fun to be around and I was sad to see the night come to an end. I wish them the very best!

Talk about a fairytale beach wedding! This wedding was taken place at Shoreham Country Club. I had the great honor of being the couple’s Long Island Wedding Photographer for their beautiful beach wedding. The weather couldn’t have been any better. The couple was so excited the entire day, it was no secret to anyone. I was delighted through out the day by the joy they had and all of their guests felt the same way. The Shoreham Country Club set up their ceremony chairs in a circle, which was very unique and interesting. This gave everyone a better view of the couple throughout the ceremony and it made for great pictures! After the beautiful ceremony, everyone proceeded into the main room. The tables were very nicely decorated with a yellow and blue vintage inspired theme. And the food was to die for! All the seafood was fresh, a major plus for having a venue on the water. After wards the DJ put great music on and everyone was out of their seats. It was fun to watch everyone, however it was more fun when the father and daughter danced. They started off dancing to a slow song then it broke into crazy upbeat music! I’ve never seen anything like it as a wedding photographer. This wedding was so different and unique I didn’t know what else they could do. When it was time to cut the cake I was surprised to find that there was no real cake. They couple had “cake pops”. It’s similar to push pops but with cake instead. I thought this was a great idea, it gave the guests a choice of which flavor they wanted. It was sad to see the night end because it was so much fun. I wish the bride and groom all the very best and hope they will look back at their pictures and think of the amazing memories that were made. 


What do you get when you add up a gorgeous Princess with Prince charming, pretty bridesmaids, and handsome groomsmen? yup! you get a Fairytale wedding. This wedding was a combination of love, honor, and beauty. It wasn’t hard to see the excitement of the bride and groom as they made sure everyone was in on the occasion. As an event photographer, I was honored to participate in this magical day. From the bright colors that brought out the bride’s beauty to the Happiness in everyone’s eyes, this day will live on as one of the couples memorable moments.