Photography by Park Avenue Studio

Special Moments Require Special Attention.
Park Ave. Studios is the recommended photographer for all the Lessings catering halls, Also Oheka castle, and all of the Lombardi's venues

-We knew this day was coming, so we chose Park Ave Studio

Melanie and Christian were married at the Crestwood Country Club last spring. I was honored to be their Long Island Wedding Photographer and they could not have chosen a more beautiful day to celebrate their union. I was just as excited as everyone else as I could tell right away that this couple was special. The bride was more than willing to let everyone else join in her excitement. In fact, it added to this momentous wedding day. The only thing that could match the bride’s beauty was the scenery at the Crestwood Country Club. Even as the event photographer, I could not help but feel a sense of attachment to both the bride and groom as they both declared their vows to one another. It’s times like these that remind me why I became a wedding photographer in the first place. May Melanie and Christian share in every moment together with as much happiness as they brought with them on their wedding day!

Park Ave Studio


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